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Frank ShekoskyFrank Shekosky
Our Master Instructor, Frank Shekosky, was a personal student of the late Grandmaster Remy Presas for nearly 15 years and has been certified as an Advanced Instructor and was named as a senior student of The Professor. Sensei Shekosky was trained personally by Grandmaster Presas and Sensei Shekosky assisted Prof. Presas in numerous seminars and training camps. Sensei Shekosky has instructed thousands of students across the country and has been inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall Of Fame in July 2005 as Weapons Master of the year. Sensei Shekosky was also a certified personal fitness trainer with The National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Sensei Shekosky has taken all of the core concepts from the Modern Arnis that he has learned from personally training with Grandmaster Presas as well as many of the Professor's other senior students, and has made his own innovations into the art. Sensei Shekosky has "made the art his own" as he was encouraged by Professor Presas , and shares his experience with students from all styles and backrounds.

James NavarroJames Navarro
Mr. Navarro is ranked 1 st degree Blackbelt in Modern Arnis Jujitsu and 4th degree blackbelt in Kenpo Karate. Sifu Jim has shared in many seminar experiences with Professor Presas, Grandmaster Wally Jay, and he has also studied pressure point fighting and Judo. Sifu Jim is a certified advanced instructor.


Chad JohnsonChad Johnson
Mr. Johnson is ranked 1 st degree blackbelt in Modern Arnis Jujitsu and is a certified instructor.

Joe MuscatelloJoe Muscatello
Sifu Joe is ranked 2nd degree Blackbelt in Modern Arnis Jujitsu and is a certified instructor. Joe also has studied pressure point fighting.
Greg Makuch - Mr. Makuch is ranked Black Belt in Modern Arnis Jujitsu and also has experience in Judo.

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