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What is Modern Arnis Jujitsu?

Modern Arnis Jujitsu is the curriculum, or version, of Modern Arnis that Sensei Shekosky teaches which includes what he has learned from Grandmaster Remy Presas as well as Sensei Shekosky’s own innovations within Modern Arnis. Modern Arnis Jujitsu incorporates the use of single stick, double stick, knife and empty hand techniques. The Art of Modern Arnis Jujitsu was created from elements of both Filipino and non-Filipino fighting styles such as karate and Jujitsu. At CTMAJ you will learn the complete art of Modern Arnis as well as additional double stick drills and forms, traditional lower body kicks, step by step emptyhand vs. stick defenses, and joint locking techniques. Modern Arnis Jujitsu can be learned as its own style or can be easily incorporated into other martial arts styles.

Training in Modern Arnis makes many martial artists discover new things about their own style and blends well with the best movements of those styles. Many people have called Modern Arnis "the art within your art." It can greatly enhance and assist whatever art that you may already be training in.


Q. What is Modern Arnis Jujitsu?
A. Modern Arnis Jujitsu is the complete art of Modern Arnis with added innovations by Sensei Shekosky. It is Sensei Shekosky’s version of Modern Arnis as passed down directly to him by Professor Presas with additional joint locking, low kicking, double sticks forms and drills, and emptyhand vs. stick self defenses.

Q. When do classes meet?
A. Classes meet at Cromwell Martial Arts every Monday 7:45pm - 8:45pm. Please call in advance to schedule your session. Cost is $10 per class. Extra seminars are also available at Cromwell Martial Arts and at other schools. Please see our events page for details.

Q. Why should I join CTMAJ?
A. CTMAJ offers you the effective self defense techniques offered in Modern Arnis, along with many other fun and effective techniques. You will train in a fun environment and train at our headquarters with our award winning staff. You may become ranked in Modern Arnis Jujitsu and become a certified instructor. You may even be interested in having your school become a charted school of CTMAJ and offering Modern Arnis Jujitsu in your school without the restrictions often required of a large organization! At CTMAJ, people count!

Q. How do I get started?
A. Call us or e-mail us to set up an appointment, or stop by to try a complimentary class!


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